#TransformationTuesday Making your dream a reality!

From a simple sketch to a garden of dreams, @wondersworldd started with a drawing of her dream garden and has now turned it into a reality!
Steph of @wondersworldd explains how she was so fed up of her garden being a mess, creating her dream garden on paper as a small project as a result of boredom.
She details the beginning of her transformation journey, needing someone who "[could] see this vision and bring it to life exactly how I want". She contacted a digital illustration company who created her a mockup of her garden so she could hand this over to the landscapers.
She played around with colours, settling on a darker grey as it suited her moden taste best.
She describes how our screens were the perfect fit for her project: 
"Initially, the plan was to use your screens to disguise the brick walls but I thought it’ll make the area quite dark so I was unsure about this plan when I did my drawing.

Whilst enquiring with landscapers, I asked if I could get fences that were higher than 2M for more privacy. The answer was no, so I asked whether I could use screens to add some length and the answer was yes, so I decided to ask for the screens to be attached.
I went for black ones because I needed a nice contrast that [would] break down the greys".
The black moucharabiya trellises are help up with a block of wood to add length to the fence and enhance the privacy of the area.
True to the name, she explains how "jealous [the neighbours are] every time they walk past". 
This is one of our favourite stories to date but we are sure there are more out there that still remain uncovered... Don't be shy, tag us! 
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