Privacy Screens: How to Create your Perfect Garden Space

We know at Screen With Envy that Privacy is a top priority for our customers. Therefore, making this as stylish as possible is a vital part of the products we release.
Our screens can be hung or inserted as cladding or grounded, using posts, as a feature piece to fit the specifications of your project. The choice of colours and designs means there are screens suitable for every garden.
@eliteoutdoorspaces has transformed this small, dingy alleyway in this garden into a beautiful, botanical hideout. They have knocked down the left wall and inserted a large wooden fence featuring two, Medium, Cream Vedure Screens.
The botanical design of our Verdure Screens compliments the greenery feature wall and planters that are dotted around. The cream colour adds a pop of colour to the fence, complimenting the white of the surrounding walls.
The weatherproof material of our screens means they can be used both internally and externally. Their modular design allows for both horizontal and vertical use, increasing their versatility for use in your projects.
We recommend using the 5mm screens for cladding walls and fences due to their lighter weight.
What is the most creative way you have used our screens or seen our screens be used? Let us know on Instagram @screenwithenvy using the hashtag #screenwithenvy.
You can shop the whole collection here
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