Love Island: How To Create A Villa Interior In Your Home

If you are like almost everyone else in the UK, you have probably been spending these last few weeks binge watching Love Island. While many people will be fixated on the attractive singles finding love on the show, we couldn't help but find ourselves in awe of the 2021 villa's stunning interior.

The Majorcan villa is like something straight out of a dream with every room providing that 'instagrammable'  look that you would expect from a house full of influencers! It seems thought has been placed into every element of decor, with many 'brave' choices turning out to look fantastic in this gorgeous home. If you're like us, watching the show has probably given you major house envy and it might just be time to have a go at redecorating yourself! If you have fallen head over heels in love with the interior of the villa, this article will guide you through how you can go about recreating it for yourself. You don’t have to be an up-and-coming influencer to live in this dreamy home!


Go bold and bright!

If there is one thing that this year's villa has no shortage of (apart from hot singles of course) it is bright and bold colours. Fluorescent blues, hot pinks, deep purples and letterbox red’s create a fun, youthful colour palette that brightens up the home, without looking too chaotic. The designers of the villa managed to incorporate a bright colour scheme whilst maintaining that minimalist aesthetic that is trending right now.


You can recreate this by investing in brightly coloured accents, such as throw pillows, artwork and ornaments, and placing them tactically around your home. Pair these bright colours with pure white furniture and walls for a true love island feel.

Want another way to be eye catching? Make an stunning entrance with our Arches. Once installed on your pergola you instantly create the garden feature of all garden feature will minimum effort. We have created them with all situations in mind so if a pergola is out of budget, you can use our arches as a standalone feature.


Have fun with your furniture

This year, the designers of the villa have chosen to opt for a rather unusual style of chair. Instead of four legs and a back, this year's contestants have found themselves sitting on giant rabbits that are scattered around almost every room of the villa. These rabbits perfectly compliment that bold colour scheme and add a subtle quirkiness to the home.

If you are feeling brave, why not buy a rabbit chair of your own? The chairs were designed by Queebo and can be purchased online from a number of retailers. For the true Love Island villa look, pair your chairs with colourful bean bags, colourful wall art and LED lighting.


Create open large, spaces

You will notice that no rooms in the villa are small or cramped. Instead, the Love Island team chose a home with large, roomy spaces and tall windows/skylights for maximum light. If you’ve been thinking about a more dramatic change, you could consider a redesign to match the style of the villa for yourself. These open, light spaces are fantastic for socialising and can also help to create a more calming atmosphere in your home. They also provide lots of room for fun decoration and furniture!

“There are approximately ten thousand conservation areas in England” according to Rodic Davidson. So be sure to check for planning permissions if you’re living in an older home. These homes tend to have a large amount of heritage, but there’s no reason you can’t upgrade your home into a more modern, open design whilst maintaining its intrinsic character. This way, you can have the Love Island inspired home of your dreams, without completely wiping away the property’s heritage.

Creating pockets of areas with in your garden can help you utilise the space. Use breezeblocks to encase a BBQ area. Enjoy the sunshine throughout the day and retreat to your cozy pergola once the night settles in.



Swap your fence for a laser cut screen

As the show is set in hot and sunny Majorca, the outside has been designed with just as much thought as the inside of the villa. Paying attention to your exterior is a fantastic way of complimenting your interior and creating a well-balanced design for your home. A key feature of the love island garden space this year is the decision to swap regular fencing for laser cut panels. These panels are a brilliant way to subtle artistic touch while maintaining the modern feel of the space.

Screen fencing is easy to install and can be tailored to meet your needs. If you don’t want to swap out your entire garden fencing for laser cut screens, you could create a feature wall in your garden by installing the decorative screens along just one side of the space. Perhaps incorporate your screen  in with your garden seating area and some fairy lights to create the perfect outdoor social space for nights with friends of family. This creates a private area, letting you forget about the outside world for a minute so you can really pretend you are in Majorca. The Kerplunk Screen is the prefect choice for privacy. You can find all tutorials on installing here.

Love Island is the inspiration behind many fashion and design trends every year so, why not make this the year where you’re one step ahead of the trends? By following the tips above, you could create your own villa inspired home today and be the envy of your whole friendship group.

Written by Meghan Taylor

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