Limited space: How to make the most of your home with our products

A lot of the beautiful installations we share on our blog and social pages require heaps of garden or interior space. However, lots of our customers have created stunning installations with limited space!
Here are some tips to make the most of your indoor and outdoor space, after all, good things often come in small packages!
How about mounting a Screen onto a wall to enhance simpler elements such as mirrors or lights? This Large, Cream Frond Screen adds to the floral nature of the preexisting illustrations and reflects the neutral theme.
This customer has used one of our 5mm screens, designed to be hung or used as cladding due to its light weight and smaller width, fixing it in closer proximity to the wall.
These easy to install, Large, Black Kerplunk Screens have been used in a similar way, mounted onto the wall behind the sofa so no floor space is taken up! 
(How cute is this customers dog 🥺!!)
Having limited outdoor space doesn't restrict you either! How about decorating your balcony with our privacy screens? Did you know Screen With Envy was originally created due to a lack of stylish and affordable privacy screen options on the market?
This customer has used our Large, Moucharabiya Screens and matching trellises to embellish their balcony, creating breathtaking shadows to be envied.
Got some gorgeous flowers you want to show off? How about using our Planters inside your house? We have a few installed around the office and they are beautiful! 
At 90cm wide and 30cm deep, these do take up a little more space than other products, such as the screens, but if you do have a little bit more room, these make a stunning addition to your home!
How about using our new pride and joy, the Mirror tiles, to create a feature wall? Equally, you could use a couple of packs instead to create a small mirror space in a bathroom or hallway.
These tiles add more depth to your decor than a plain mirror, we constantly have comments on the mirror wall in our office which you can check out on our Tiktok page!
Finally, how about a simple trellis installation to jazz up your front door? This customer has used 3 Cubed trellises to add some subtle details that reflect the cubed nature of both the door and paving design.
Make sure to tag us in your posts on Instagram and Tiktok @ScreenWithEnvy using the hashtag #ScreenWithEnvy for the chance to be featured.
You can shop the whole collection here
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