How to transform your staircase!

I know what you may be thinking, a staircase is just a staircase. Well this is where you’re wrong. Your staircase adds such character to your home and you can create a luxurious atmosphere. @house.everyweekend over on Instagram has done just that! By using our Moucharabiya screens in dove grey and adding a lick of black paint, it’s completely transformed the entrance of their home!Our Moucharabiya frames are inspired by the pattern work found throughout the sprawling markets of Morocco to Dubai, these geometric designs are so unique and eye-catching. The patterns have evolved with time and changed with different regions. They were used to decorate pottery, tiles, rugs, screens, and of course walls and ceilings. By adding this design to your home it adds an element of sophistication, especially having it in your hall way and it being one of the first things you see when entering your home. 

So, how did they do it? All of our screens are made from advanced wood composite which means no cracking, splintering, rotting or maintenance! This client created a frame to hold the screens in place and cut them down to fit the exact measurements, then all you need to do is slot them in!We love to see all of your creations and how you’ve used our screens in your homes. There’s so many ways you can uplift your home by making small changes. Our screens are so easy to install and are a must for your home!

If you want more inspiration and ideas head over to our Instagram and Pinterest, and make sure to check out our website for our full range.

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