How to use our screens on your Pergola this Summer

As we approach summertime, all you want to do is be outside. Even though restrictions are now being lifted it’s still nice to enjoy being outdoors at the comfort of your own home. It’s key that you create an outdoor space that’s comfortable and visually appealing. Pergolas are an amazing garden asset, they allow you to be creative by hanging lights and decorative bunting to add more of a home feel. I know you’re searching for stylish ways to dress your outdoor space and create an area that you can enjoy the sun but also create a shade of structure. Our screens allow you to have both. We have so many different designs that will add an element of stylishness to your home and allows your to create your dream contemporary garden.

Our screens are so versatile; allowing your to create more privacy or creating shade, they just add that modern touch you’ve been looking for.

By adding our screens as a top cover it’s a perfect way to filter through the sun and create more shade. You could then add your heaters and lighting and your Pergola will go from looking very simple to chic and stylish.

By adding one of our Moucharabiya screens to the side of your Pergola is creates a lot more drama to your outdoor space. Our Moucharabiya screens are inspired by the traditional design of windows seen in Arabic architecture, it will provide a beautiful addition to your garden. A social gathering in this setting would be perfect with some good music and lighting, your guests will be amazed at how modern your home looks.

By adding our slat panels it adds a lot of shelter and privacy for hot tub homeowners. Our slat panels are advanced wood composite - meaning your slat panels will never need to be painted or maintained. 

We do so many different designs to help your create your dream space. Our Alhambra screen is elegant and stylish, and is the centrepiece attraction that your garden deserves. It can be used vertically or horizontally, you can orientate the garden screen however you see fit. It’s UV treated to prevent weathering and totally waterproof and extensively tested for UK weather conditions. Made from wood composite, so you can be confident that they are eco-friendly, easy to maintain and weather resistant.

Our Kerplunk screen has intersecting diagonal lines which are both inviting and eye-catching and will provide you with the perfect stylish decor to keep your garden on-trend this summer.

If you need more inspiration, head over to our Instagram for more examples of what our amazing clients have done with their spaces!

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