How to create a Spa Day escape with our Privacy Screens

Have you ever thought about having your own spa retreat but not sure how to create the space? Well, @the.coppercabin have created a stunning hot tub space using our Ellipse Corten Large Screens. Our Ellipse screens have been installed on panels that have centre cut-outs to create that window effect to divide the room. 


@the.coppercabin have used our screens in three of their venues and we absolutely cannot believe how stunning each of these spaces look! 

Our Corten screens are made of premium 2mm steel and can be installed in any indoor or outdoor space. The steel has weathering materials, therefore, the screens require no maintenance and the rusting process, instead of the screens becoming weaker, actually makes the screens even stronger and more beautiful over time. 

The Ellipse Corten Large Screen design is inspired by waves but has been re-shaped to a geometric pattern, creating a modern and unique style. Perfect for any kind of space you desire where you want your own privacy but still allowing you to see through the lines of the wave design.


We are always amazed by all of our customers’ creations and how our screens have been used. There are so many ways you can create a getaway space in your own home by making small changes. Our screens are so easy to install and are a must for your home! 

If you want more inspiration and ideas head over to our Instagram and Pinterest, and make sure to check out our website for our full range.
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