Follower Focus: Where did they start?

This week we wanted to showcase some of our followers, detailing their beginnings and showcasing their profiles as we think they deserve some love!


Mum and keen interior queen Victoria started her account when she was made redundant from her job in 2018. Her home account @house_of_holcroft became a fun hobby for her, having just given birth to her child. She quickly grew and was shortlisted for the fabulous magazine good influence awards!

She explains that Instagram is a huge part of her life:

"I get so much inspiration from Instagram and love being able to see what trends people are following and how people style their homes and gardens."

Upon visiting Victoria's page, you are instantly attracted to her gorgeous neutrals theme. Anybody else may think this is a huge no-no when having children and dogs but Victoria explains that this is no match for her skills:

"Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed playing with lots of different looks and I would say my style is very neutral with a little bit of glam thrown in. I like to keep my rooms neutral so they can be changed easily with the addition of accessories to completely change them up. I love white tones inside my home which is particularly challenging with kids and a dog and outside we’ve created a maintenance-free zone that maximises every inch of our garden which I’m very proud of!"

She explains that she has something exciting in the works, a new house to design, which she plans to document of course!!

"We are moving house again soon and I’m so excited to be planning our new interior and outdoor spaces. There will definitely be some changes in terms of decor and style, and I’m looking forward to sharing our new journey with you all."

We look forward to seeing what she has in store! 


As the name suggests, Perfectpinkhouse is OBSESSED with all things pink! At just over a year old, the account has already racked up a huge following! 

"A home designed with a true passion for pink", Perfectpinkhouse explains that they established the account "to fulfill every girl's dream... pink interior"!! One thing's for sure, we are very envious!

Sure to their word, Perfectpinkhouse's account features beautiful home and garden DIY transformations and final result photos and videos, featuring (nearly) every pink product you can possibly buy!


Growing to 100,000 followers in under 2 years, Jessy's pink wonderland starting the same as the rest, with an obsession with buying home decor!

She tells how her account has opened so many opportunities for her: 

"[I've been] able to work with some amazing businesses and make some strong friendships along the way and could now even consider making Instagram my full-time occupation. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunities I’ve been given all whilst having soo much fun sharing little snippets of my home and life on the app."

It is clear from Jessy's page that she cares deeply about her home and is passionate about interiors and sharing her tips to help others follow in her footsteps. She shares with us her words of wisdom:

"I believe in the law of attraction and live by the quote ‘if you believe you can achieve"


Chrissy and her partner Callum initially started their account as a space to document their first home and for Chrissy to channel her passion for interiors into. Filled with DIY transformations and makeover videos, Chrissy shares her content with her 65.9k loyal followers who love her real, behind-the-scenes content.

She shares her inspiration for her account: 

"I get so so much inspiration from the amazing accounts on here and so many amazing ideas such as little DIY projects or styling ideas! It’s also really heartwarming when your home inspires someone else or you can help them with a project they’re doing or thinking of doing. I follow some incredible accounts and discover new ones all the time!"

Chrissy uses her account as a creative outlet, allowing her to embrace her passions and share them with like-minded people. Chrissy's advice to those wanting to follow the same path as she is:  

"If anyone is unsure whether to start an account for their interior love then do it - it’s so much fun and the Instagram home community is so supportive and will be by your side!"

She assures us that she has some exciting new content in the works, with her new house being built! The most exciting part? This one has a garden! We can't wait to see it!!


Sylwia runs the beautiful scandi-inspired home featured in scandi_uk! Combining her passions for photography and interior design, Sywia set up her account to share inspirations and gain her own. Featuring stunning photographs of food, homeware and design tips, Sywia runs an account to be envied!

Sywia's account is characterised by her advice for 'easy interior design' whilst making her home look gorgeous! She wants everyone to feel as though they can decorate their home and be house-proud!

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