#TransformationTuesday: Fish Pond- Keep your Koi Safe with our Decorative Screens

Who remembers the fish pond cover we blogged about a few weeks back? (If not, find it here). Well we have received photos of another! 
Similar to the last, this cover houses Koi fish but is built in a very different way. Instead of a freestanding house-like structure, this cover is built directly onto the fish pond.
The customer has created these covers to keep their grandchildren safe and to stop the fish from jumping out of the pond.
The customer has used two, large, black, Alhambra 6ft x 4ft 16mm screens, drilling them into the sides of the fish pond to create a durable cover. 
The screens are versatile and can be cut to fit any size, making them perfect for all of your project needs. Our 16mm screens can also be used in conjunction with our posts, allowing you to create decorative fencing for your garden!
How gorgeous is this installation? We love seeing how our customers use our screens; we find them highly inspirational!
For the chance to be featured, make sure to tag us on Instagram and TikTok @screenwithenvy, using the hashtag #screenwithenvy.
You can shop the whole collection here.
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