How to Create a Fish Pond Cover Using Our Decorative Screens

The imagination of our customers never fails to surprise us! This customer has used our screens to create a fish pond cover and a bridge.
Our customer explains how he created this masterpiece:
"Each screen was reinforced at the sides and top and bottom using aluminium section and each screen is hinged using stainless hinges and catches. The screens on the bridge are full panels cut in half, showing how flexibly the screens can be used."
This customer has used our 16mm Large Alhambra Screens which can be cut to fit any size. In this case, the customer has trimmed the top and bottom to fit the requirements of his creation.
Our customer explains how our screens have enhanced the original pond:
"Previously, the roof had been supported by posts outside the brick circle. However, by using the gap between the screens to make a timber support, I was able to remove the original supports and the replacements sit on top of the brickwork which looks so much neater."
The versatility and durability of our products means our customers can get creative and brighten up their outdoor spaces!
"I am delighted with the outcome. Your screens inspired me to give my pond a makeover that not only looks great but is also heron proof and extremely practical."
 Make sure to share your own creations with us on Instagram by following and tagging us @screenwithenvy and using our hashtag #screenwithenvy.
You can access the full collection here.
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