Award winning garden screens? Yes they are!

What an amazing summer it has been at Screen With Envy! Time to briefly blow our own trumpet.. 

Our beautiful Moucharabiya garden screen came 2nd in the Garden Industry Manufacturers Association award for Best New Product Innovation 2017. We were absolutely thrilled as this is a coveted award which looks for the most innovative new products in the gardening world. The judges were impressed by our new take on screening and trellises and the flexibility of our modular system. 
Screen With Envy award winning garden screens and trellises
Shortly after this we made it so the top 3 in the new product showcase at the UKs largest trade garden show, GLEE. Again, the judges were impressed with our commitment to design and durability in a market which has been full of the same old boring options when it comes to screening and trellises. 

Now we are coming into Autumn it is a fabulous time to look into screening. When the garden starts to die back and there looking out on the garden in winter can be somewhat depressing. Fences turn grey and unsightly parts of the garden that were covered by plants in summer are now on full display. Clad fences and hide any grim areas with our beautiful, weatherproof screens. 
Kerplunk large garden privacy screen by Screen With Envy

This time last winter we installed some stunning Kerplunk screens onto a clients fence to create an outside feature wall. We were so pleased to receive a re-order from the same client recently who was buying some trellises for a separate area. We asked how her screens were a year on and we were thrilled to hear "That they looked the same as they day they were installed!" There is certainly nothing we we love to hear more! 

What are your plans for your garden now the summer is over?
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