3 ways to upgrade your outdoor living space this Summer

Your outdoor space is crucial! With this glorious weather we have right now why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it! Vision this: you being able to invite over your friends and family for a BBQ or picnic and your garden finally living up to your dreams. There’s no need to spend thousands on your garden to give it an uplift. All you need is a few simple ideas to give it that contemporary boost.

1. Add a Trellis

Using a Trellis in your garden can completely transform your space, and there are so many different ways to utilise them. You could use 3 together to create a wall art feature, install them to your pergola, or as a stand-alone feature, they will definitely create a talking point in your space.

Here is an example of how a client has used three of our 'Frond' Trellises to create a feature on an otherwise plain wall. This is such an easy way to create a talking point in your outdoor space!

This client has used our 'Cubed' Trellises and installed them onto the sides of their pergola. This pulls the whole space together to create a cosy area for socialising in your outdoor space.

Our trellises are made of advanced wood composite. They are zero-maintenance, sustainable, weatherproof and easy to install. We have several different designs and colours to choose from, so we are certain we will have an option to fit you and your space!

2. Fence your space

Our composite fences ensure that your privacy doesn't come at a cost. With our modern, sleek composite fence slats and our screen and trellis designs available, you can find the perfect fence for your space. 

Our Moucharabiya design is perfect if you are looking for maximum style and privacy. The intricate design is inspired by the traditional design of windows seen in Arabic architecture.

This client has used our dove grey Moucharabiya Trellis Fence to create this space in their garden. This is a perfect solution f you have an area of your space you want to hide!

Below a client has used our Slat Top fence to create an area of the garden which isn't overlooked. Another great way to use our fences in your outdoor space this summer.

3. Add our Privacy Screens

Last but not least, our privacy screens. If you feel overlooked in your space this is the perfect option for you! With our privacy screens you can create more of a private space and still achieve that chic feel.

We have three sizes of screens available and they can all be cut down to fit your space perfectly. Whether you are using them to create a feature on a wall, add more privacy to a fence or screen a pergola there is an option for every project.

Our client has used our 4ft x 2ft Kerplunk screens with one of our Straight Posts here to screen their hot tub in a pergola. The density of the design is perfect for this kind of project and can ensure you can enjoy your space without being overlooked.

Another project our screens are perfect for is cladding an existing fence. This client has used three of our Kaleidoscope medium screens in cream, drilled them onto an existing fence and added fairy lights to the roof of their pergola, completely transforming the space.

There are so many different ways to utilise our products in your outdoor space this summer! Head over to our Instagram for even more inspiration! 

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